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Turkish Scimitar with Scabbard
Decoration sword
ArtNr: BA-00300
 995 kr
Lagerstatus: Förboka-Pre Order

Turkish Scimitar with Scabbard
The Scimitar is a sabre with near-eastern origin. It revives the fights between the Saracens and Crusaders with its curved blade.
This Scimitar features a classic, curved blade made of EN45 spring steel with a fuller. The blade is not sharpened. The curved guard is made of brass.
The finely crafted grip and pommel are made of a single piece of dark wood.
The scabbard is made of black leather.
Finely crafted wooden grip
Blade material: EN45
Overall length 97 cm
Blade length 79.5 cm
Weight 1210 gram

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