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British Brown Bess Musket
ArtNr: BA-105146
 6471 kr
Lagerstatus: Förboka-Pre Order

1st model Brown Bess Musket, 46 inch barrel
Brown Bess is the popular term used to designate a series of flintlock infantry muskets which remained in use in the British Army for over a century.
American War of Independence, alongside the new Short Land Musket.
Our muzzle-loader replicas are intended for decoration and re-enactment only. The muzzle has not been drilled, so the weapon is not functional.
A beautiful item for every collection and an indispensable accessory for re-enactors.

Tempered steel flintlock
Steel ramrod
Overall length: approx. 158.5 cm
Barrel length: approx. 117 cm (46 inch)
Weight: approx. 4700 gram
Bore: .62 cal.

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